The Perfect “Chewy” Granola Bar

Granola Bars are a staple in our home.  They are perfect for packing in the girls’ lunch box, perfect for an after-workout or pre-workout snack, and perfect for me to throw in my bag for when I (or anyone else) is hangry.  If you don’t know what hangry is… well, it’s when your hunger brings on some serious… Continue reading The Perfect “Chewy” Granola Bar

Strawberries and Cottage Cheese

I’ve noticed that cottage cheese has made a much needed come back from the Never Eat Foods imaginary kingdom.  I grew up eating cottage cheese only because my mother did.  She often ate it as a snack with either canned pineapple (my brother and I fought over the juice 🙂 or with grapes.  Nothing fancy.  Not complicated.… Continue reading Strawberries and Cottage Cheese

Muesli-A Breakfast MUST!

For years I have been making muesli for breakfast. I originally heard of this recipe when I was obsessed with the cookbook The Healthy Kitchen by Andrew Weil and Rosie Daley. You might recognize the name Rosie Daley because she was Oprah’s personal chef for many years.  The cookbook has been my all-time favorite.  I revert… Continue reading Muesli-A Breakfast MUST!