How to live…


I remember this day.  It was absolutely beautiful outside.  The grass could not have been any greener.  My girls were loving the wide-open space.  The weather wasn’t too hot or too cold.  It was perfect!  My daughter, Mattie, could not have posed for me to take this picture.  Posing would have felt awkward for her… she doesn’t like the attention.  And frankly, posing would have ruined this very honest moment. This picture was an accident. Click, Click, Click… and captured.  Right in the heart of living “life to the fullest”.

I’ve referred back to this photo many times.  It has shared a few weeks on my Facebook page.  It was the cover photo for my Pinterest page. The reason I continually go back to the memory is a simple one.  It shows me that living is arms wide open, embracing whatever comes. Right now the grass is green, there are family and friends to run and play, the sun is shining, and laughter is heard all around.  But I know it’s not always like this.  Life will always throw a curve ball.  Grass is not always green.  There are dark days. The sun, at times, is hidden by clouds. Things aren’t going to line up exactly like you want them.  It seems that this is the case for me more often than not.

The goal for me the past few years has been living life in the midst of many different and opposing circumstances.  Good and bad!  When the sun is shining and when it’s not.  How do you continue to LIVE the life you want to live when things aren’t in the perfect setting?  How do you live without being fake?  How to you embrace sadness, hope, joy, contentment, peace, failure…? How do you keep on living?

Often when we face difficult times, whether it’s a busy schedule or depression, we set aside our goals.  We set aside our health.  We set aside ourselves. We go on auto-pilot… survival mode.  I hate survival mode.  Living is much better. Continuing to plan, change, mend, heal, and thrive is much better than stagnant.

Let’s get practical.  Life will not always lay out the perfect scenario.  You won’t always prepare your dinner menu on Sunday night.  The kids won’t always eat their breakfast… and they probably aren’t going to eat those veggies you fix… Your hour of exercise will more than likely get interrupted by a phone call or a whining child wanting more juice.  Your fitness plan will come to a stale when you get a cold.  This is LIFE!

My favorite life tool is the Reset Button.  I use it all the time.. and it’s not just for Mondays!  I often hear “I’m going to start ______ on Monday”. No!  Start now!  Start today.  Start where you are.  Hit the Reset Button. Start at this meal.  Begin that exercise you’ve been wanting to try today.  Get on with it and begin.  Today doesn’t have to have the perfect setting… but do it anyway!  Don’t wait for the weather to be perfect.  Don’t wait until you feel like it. Get started living… green grass or not.


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